Friday, 14 November 2014

The Realities of Producing Outlander - The Look of Outlander

Here's a little more background on Outlander. Now that we can talk about it!

There's lots of interesting thoughts from Neville Kidd, the DoP on the look of the show. And a little mention of me (Grant!).

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Under The Skin

Grant McPhee worked with the fantastic Mission Digital on the new Jonathan Glazer film, Under The Skin.

Here's an article by Mark Purvis, their Managing Director on the very tough challenges faced.

When Mark mentions 6 TB, that was only for the hidden cameras in the van.  There were days when there were 8 cameras in the van but also 3 exterior One-Cam's and 2 Arri Alexa's shooting Arriraw!

Digital Onset facilitating Outlander for Starz

Digital Onset are very proud to be working on 'Outlander'.

Outlander is a 16-part, 60 minute American television series filmed in Scotland for the Starz network.

We are suppling two DITs for the main unit, onset live grading and a dailies colourist suite. And we're dealing with the second unit and splinter units!

A lot of data, but a lot of fun as we travel around the Scottish Highlands in our near-set data lab.

We can't tell you too much about our workflow unfortunately (we would love to) as we don't want to reveal too much about the show.  But we can tell you we are using Pomfort's Livegrade, Davinci Resolve and Light Iron's ToDailies.

It's a whole year of work but we're very excited to see the first episode which will air in the US on the 9th of August (or August 9th as we now say).