Tuesday, 26 July 2016

DP Javier Aguirresarobe and The Etruscan Smile

We also recently completed work on The Etruscan Smile.

We were very lucky to work with Javier Aguirresarobe, DP for The Road, The Others and currently shooting Thor 3.

It's rare to work with someone with such vast experience over such a long period of time. And it's rare to work with someone with such a remarkable vision for colour theory and accuracy.  Javier really has a 'secret sauce' for creating exceptionally beautiful images.

The film was filmed using two Arri Alexa XT's, shooting Arriraw.

Grant McPhee was the onset DIT, using LiveGrade Pro with it's remarkable ability to allow the user to grade to previously shot set-ups live.  The rest of the set-up included a Leader monitor, A Flanders Scientific DM250, Tangent Wave panel and Preston Iris handsets.

Calum Weir was the DMT, backing up all footage on a nMac Pro running Pomfort's Silverstck XT for integration with Livegrade Pro.

Ben McKinstrie was the Dailies Colourist, running Davinci Resolve for a fairly seamless and very colour accurate workflow from start to finish.

The film stars Brian Cox, Thora Birch and Rosanna Arquette and will be released in 2017

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